Born From Lines

Custom Stickers


Already have a BFL custom drawing? Transform it into custom stickers!

Our vinyl-based stickers are waterproof and hold up against daily use. Stick them on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, or phone.

Stickers are made to order using your completed custom drawing. Processing times will vary due to the status of your drawing (completed or in production).


How to Order

  • Select your desired dimensions and quantity

  • Add stickers to cart and fill out the pop-up form

  • Check out.

Specs and Shipping

  • Processing and shipping depend on the status of your drawing:

    • Drawing completed: Your stickers will ship in 5-7 business days

    • Drawing in production: Your stickers will ship 5-7 business days after it’s completed

  • Stickers printed on vinyl sticker paper

  • Waterproof (hand wash recommended)

  • Finish: Glossy

  • Only US shipping is available at this time

Custom Sticker Form

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