Born From Lines has provided healing drawings for over 3000 clients

Memorial portraits that capture life after loss.

Relying on an art background and a bold leap of faith, Christina Dobosz began Born From Lines, hoping to be a source of light during dark times. Each custom-made drawing becomes a cherished keepsake when photos are fused together to make a family whole again and new memories are made from the snapshot you always wished had been taken.

How it works

client love

"The love, details, and effort Christiana put into this precious photo of mine will never be forgotten. I can’t explain how much this picture means to me. She added my father (who passed from cancer 5 years ago) to a wedding picture of my siblings and I (she even added my mother too!). I would give her more than 5 stars if I could."

- Hannah M.

Hey, I'm Christina!

I'm an art history undergrad turned artist and small business owner during a global pandemic.

Originally from Norway, I now live in North Carolina (USA) with my incredible husband, our two daughters, and our fluffy Goldendoodle.

I live for vegan tacos, Taylor Swift, trips to Disney, and sipping on margs while watching a crime/detective show.